CORA. Buckwheat Blessing Breakfast

The beauty of an easy-going restaurant like CORA is the variety of breakfast & lunch dishes … as well as their attention to making sure every type of craving is covered.

There’s mouth-watering offerings featuring all manner of fruit, eggs, crepes, bacon, sausage and numerous combinations of all of the above.

CORA also has an interesting approach to their coffee selection. In addition to regular coffee, they offer Espresso, tea & Hot Chocolate.
There’s a Canadiana option, too – Maple Cafe Latte by the cup.
If crema is what you crave, there’s a choice of Cappuccino, Mochaccino & Cafe Latte served in either a cup or a bowl.
I went with the Cappuccino cup for $4.15 and it’s excellent. Piping hot, cinnamon sprinkled lightly over the foam and that glorious crema ring around the edge of the cup.

I grew in a Ukrainian household where one staple was Kasha – a savory dish using buckwheat grain; toasty & delicious.
So, I decided to give CORA’S Buckwheat Blessing a go: 3 sausages wrapped in a buckwheat-sorghum crepes.

Excellent choice!

Keep in mind, buckwheat is a very rustic grain, so there was a lot of texture to the thin crepes, but the CORA chef managed to keep the crepe itself light & delicious. The sausage wrapped inside was equally light and prepared to perfection.

The plate was prepared artfully with a lovely selection of expertly cut fresh fruit.
Apple, orange, watermelon, strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe, mango, kiwi & pineapple adorn the plate in the most appealing way!

Would I order the CORA’s Buckwheat Blessing again? Absolutely!

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