It’s nice to relax with a premium cigar enhanced by sipping a fine spirit.

Today I went with the Flor de Claro Corona from Dominion Cigars
and the Appleton Estate 21yo Jamaica Rum.
Appleton Estate

Let’s take a look at the rum.
Appleton Estate 21 Year Old is a ‘minimum age’ rum.

That means that all the rums selected by the blender have been aged for a minimum of 21 years, which in rum-land is quite a length of time.

The casks used for aging are what Appleton Estate refers to as “Number One Select American Oak barrels”.
As I went through the tasting, the oak component was apparent but not over-powering.

Pouring this rum into the glass is enticing just in colour alone.

As it sits in the glass, beautiful copper tones sparkle in the sunshine.

Appleton Estate 21 year old possesses a rich, dark color – like fine mahogany.
Mahogany is a close relative of Spanish Cedar, so there’s a bit of a connection between the color spectrum of the rum and the humidor from which I pull my cigar.

While smoking a mild cigar, in this pairing the Flor de Claro from Dominion Cigar, you want to take care to choose a drink that isn’t too powerful in either aroma or on the palate.

That’s what makes Appleton Estate 21 year old Rum a nice choice for the Flor de Claro … with its creamy cedar and sweet spice profile.
The two compliment each other beautifully.

The rum’s aromas aka “nose” is what we call “restrained” with hints of brown sugar and sweet spice on the initial release.
There’s a thoughtful whisper of orange citrus.
The barrel aging contributes a beautiful vanilla note combined with fresh coffee and a bit of milk chocolate.
As can be expected from rum that has been resting in barrels for more than 2 decades, the scent of toasty oak & tobacco lift, mingling delightfully with all the other sweet spice and fruit aromas.

On the palate, the brown sugar component stays true from the nose to the palate.
You’ll also discover flavors of cinnamon, orange zest and raisin’d fruit.

Appleton Estate 21yo Rum finish is luxurious & complex, without the cloying after-taste often found in other rums.

As you sip the Appleton Estate 21 year old, the taste of marzipan and marmalade linger long in your throat

… and that’s what makes it a good pair with the Flor de Claro, which has corresponding cedar notes, as well as rum overtones, a bit of honey & citrus, enveloped by the sweet spice of cinnamon.

The Appleton Estate 21yo Jamaica Rum harmonizes with just the right balance of complimentary flavors and aroma that enhances the sweetness of the Flor de Claro smoke.

Flor de Claro Provenance:
W: Honduran (Connecticut)
B: Nicaraguan
F: Nicaraguan
Corona 5.5 x 42

Dominion Cigar