Award-Winning Speyside Distillery Offers Fans an Opportunity to Explore a Multitude of Layers of Flavor From a Variety of Eclectic Casks

Benriach Distillery, located in Scotland’s Speyside region, prides itself on having a distinctive flavor-forward portfolio of single malt Scotch whiskies. Following a successful launch and redesign in September 2020 of its core expressions, Benriach is proud to share three new ultra premium offerings available beginning in early February nationwide. 

Benriach Twenty One, Twenty Five and Thirty Year Old Single Malts bring an extremely rare opportunity to discover the exquisite integration of flavor resulting from decades of maturation. Matured in a diverse selection of highly distinctive oak casks and combined with complex layers of refined and mellow smoke, each aged expression has been meticulously composed for aromatic finesse, sumptuous richness, and deep mellow maturity.

The Twenty One
Four cask matured: Bourbon, Sherry, Virgin Oak and Red Wine

The Twenty One

Tasting Notes
Color: Honey gold
Nose: Berry fruit, orchard apple, wild honey and mountain oak spice
Palate: Candied grape, rich cocoa, smoked pine nut
Finish:  Caramelized pear and honey smoke
Smoke: Elegant 

The Twenty Five
Four cask matured: Bourbon, Sherry, Virgin Oak and Madeira Wine

The Twenty Five

Tasting Notes:
Color:  Deep amber
Nose: Smoked apricot, dark cherry chocolate, hazelnut   toffee
Palate: Baked fruit, toasted oak spice, orange and cinnamon spice
Finish: Rich caramelized smoke
Smoke: Mellow

The Thirty
Four cask matured: Bourbon, Sherry, Virgin Oak and Port

The Thirty

Tasting Notes:
Color: Mahogany
Nose: Stewed plum, baked orange, smoked walnut, and cinnamon cocoa
Palate: Dark fruit, manuka honey and chocolate raisin
Finish: Long and complex smoked honey finish
Smoke: Complex

“It’s a real honor to be able to offer our fans an opportunity to experience the diversity and versatility of Benriach’s orchard fruit-laden style, elevated by a longer maturation time,”
said Rachel Barrie, Benriach Master Blender.
“These older expressions are a beautiful reflection of the landscape around the distillery with intriguing, luxurious layers of flavor imparted by the eclectic casks sourced from around the world. The refreshed Benriach range is for those open to new possibilities, building on a wealth of experience and tradition. I invite the drinker to join me on this creative journey, as we explore the lush rewards of single malt whisky.”

The newly-released expressions are a continuation of the distillery’s core range, The Original Ten, The Smoky Ten, The Twelve and The Smoky Twelve, which were also artistically crafted by the Master Blender and her team. 

Over 120 years since it was established, Benriach is also expected to unveil its first official visitor center to the public later this year, allowing visitors from around the world to explore this Speyside whisky gem.

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About Benriach Distillery

A Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky as intriguing and extraordinary as Benriach could not have come to be without a unique whisky making heritage, dating from 1898, when founder John Duff built his distillery. Ruggedly beautiful, Benriach stands on the site of the old Riach farm in north Speyside, drawing water from a mineral-rich aquifer, deep beneath the distillery.

Thanks to a long-standing tradition of distilling three styles of whisky; classic unpeated, Highland peated and triple distilled, together with an eclectic selection of casks from around the world, our whisky makers are able to explore the full flavor possibilities of Single Malt, creating some of the richest, most multi-layered whiskies in Speyside.

This tradition continues today, under the guidance of Master Blender, Rachel Barrie.
Benriach is the story of a hidden Speyside gem, quietly revealing its treasures to be discovered and savored. 

Please Drink Responsibly.

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