I enjoy Port with a Cigar anytime, but especially after a sumptuous Sunday dinner.

Port Selection:
Taylor Fladgate 20 year old

Cigar Selection:
Davidoff Nicaragua

Port and Cigars is the perfect pair.

They both share a long & fascinating history; each has character that has been perfected by craftsmanship and they’ve both gained reputations of timeless luxury.

Taylor Fladgate Port

Has both the sweetness and mouth-feel texture that plays well alongside a premium Cigar.
There’s no doubt that Taylor Fladgate, founded in 1692, is one of the best known Port producer in the market and this 20yo Port compliments any cigar.

Davidoff of Geneva – since 1911
Enjoys a rich history in quality Cigar making that few other producers can match.

As they say on their website:
“Davidoff Cigars are handcrafted by experts with a passion to deliver a level of sophistication and refinement that allows each aficionado to fill time beautifully.”


In the 60+ minutes of smoking enjoyment, the Davidoff Nicaragua delivered layers of aroma & flavor that blended seamlessly as the cigar evolved.

At 1st there was a sweet spice, followed by a gentle hit of white pepper. As the cigar progressed, so did its complexity – revealing luscious flavors of cocoa & a hint of coffee … like smoking a creamy Mocha.


The Taylor Fladgate 20yo Port is smooth as silk, with delicious flavors of dried fruit, sweet spice & caramelized nuts.

The harmony achieved by smoking the Davidoff Nicaragua while enjoying the Taylor Fladgate 20yo port bordered on Nirvana.

It’s a match made in heaven … and perfect any day of the week.
Davidoff of Geneva – Since 1911
Taylor Fladgate Port