One of the things I love best about Skye Cafe & Bistro is that everyone involved is passionate about living on the prairies.
It starts with their commitment to local , organic, Made-In-Saskatchewan ingredients with seasonal creations adorning the plates in the restaurant.
Even when the seasons change, Skye Cafe & Bistro offer their loyal clientele special events during Regina’s chilly winter season.

This evening we enjoyed a 5-course Seafood Dinner.

Lobster Roll:
Cucumber wrapped Lobster & Avocado with baby greens.

Artfully presented, the Avocado & Lobster are cocooned within a cucumber roll, with the baby greens & aioli providing color & depth to the dish.
The Avocado & Lobster is a match made in heaven.
I also love how Chefs Milton & Louise manage to surprise us with caviar, too!

New England Style Clam Chowder
Puff Pastry Shell

Milton is a Magician with this dish! First of all, as mentioned, the aromas are astounding yet subtle. The flavors are mesmerizing. This is a true testament to the skill of the chef when the soup finishes to its perfect pastry bowl, from starting like this:

Every step in the kitchen is carefully orchestrated to ensure each dish is a masterpiece.

But equally masterful is the ambiance of the dining room.
Allow me to talk about mood & setting.
Fur Elise aka Bagatelle No. 25 by Beethoven, is playing gently in the background.

I’ve always loved this piece of music. It’s one of the few classical pieces I learned to play on the piano. Checking Wiki, maybe now I understand why I have an affinity for this particular piece of music.
Since childhood I’ve believed in the power of 27. As I grew into adulthood, I came to appreciate how 27 can either help you or haunt you.
It’s always helped me.
Fur Elise was composed 27 April 1810.
Talk about karma.
Thanks, Skye!
& Wikipedia!

Back to the excellent music selection during the Seafood Dinner at Skye Cafe & Bistro.
There have been studies done regarding the effect music has on food & wine.
In this case, it truly does provide an emotional & an olfactory journey.

Ha! I have to laugh. The couple sitting next to me … and I apologize for eavesdropping … but he said to her “I hope you don’t like the Chowder” to which she replied “I do like it!”
… I’m sure he was hoping he might be the fortunate recipient of an extra bowl and I can’t say I blame him!
This soup transcends any pre-conceived notion of chowder. It’s in a class by itself.
So delicious … and like my neighbor said: “The pastry is amazing!”

Sea Food Trio
Garlic butter poached Tiger Prawn.
Crispy Oyster with roasted pepper aioli.
Salt Cod croquette accompanied by lemon aioli & crispy capers.

I probably sound like a broken record, but I cannot state clearly enough how much of a role “aroma” plays in the enjoyment of this Seafood Dinner.
I was just served the Seafood Trio and it’s like being right by the ocean.
It’s almost like I’m catching a hint of saltwater that’s so common when visiting an ocean coastline.
Yet, here we are, in landlocked Regina SK Canada … giving thanks to Skye Cafe & Bistro for finding a way to make this Seafood Dinner true to its natural habitat.

OMG. I just took a bite of the crispy oyster!
Milton! Louise! How did you do this? How did you take it beyond seafood?
The seasonings are a triumph!
Accompanied by equally triumphant Crispy Kale with Crispy Capers, it’ s a joy to experience.
Every restaurant in the world should serve this!

Salt Cod. Love it!
I love it even more when reminiscing about my trip to Portugal a few years ago.
It was there that I walked into a supermarket to find myself surrounded by dried, salt-laden cod piled high in giant bins.
Cod. In a region more typically known for other kinds of fish. Like sardines.
Upon return to my hotel, I asked the concierge about the blindingly white fish I saw at the supermarket.
That’s when I learned that Portugal prides itself in their legendary “1000 ways to prepare Salt Cod”
Well, Portugal might have half a millennium of experience with Salt Cod, but there’s no doubt that Skye Cafe & Bistro found a way to make it its own in the most delicious way!
We’re lucky to have this restaurant in #YQR.

Sea Food Paella
Mussels, Shrimps, Scallops, Clams, crispy Snapper & Calamari
Saffron Rice.

I can’t even begin to describe this dish. It’s a seafood-lovers dream!
Tender Calamari. Succulent Lobster. Clams! Mussels! Scallops!
The variety of seafood & shellfish in this dish goes on and on … on a bed of fluffy, saffron-rice. Skye Cafe & Bistro uses only the finest saffron and it totally shines in this Paella.

Lemon Saskatoon Berry Tart
Here’s where Skye brings it all home. The Saskatoon berry is a Saskatchewan mainstay and Skye likes to keep it local … so it’s the perfect end to a perfect evening.

… prior to Skye’s 5-course Seafood Dinner, Milton Rebello and Louise Lu gave me a tour of the Skye Kitchen.
The size of the area where all the food is prepared is very interesting.
It’s relatively small, considering the size of the restaurant seating are.
But most impressive is how it’s incredibly quiet. Really quiet.
For someone like me, who spent years in the restaurant business and remember most kitchens as a place of clanging & banging & chatter at various decibels … this one is serene to the point of being spiritual. Meditative. Zen-like.
This is one of the things Milton & Louise consciously aspired to … a quiet kitchen.
It’s an oasis.

While in the kitchen, I was fortunate to have Milton offer me a taste of the Clam Chowder.
For anyone who’s done sensory training, you’ll know what I mean when I say the entire soul of that soup was captured even before it hit my lips.
The aroma was astoundingly subtle and the flavors matched the aromas.
Subtle, yet full bodied without being overpowering.
It’s the kind of chowder that once you’ve tasted it – you want another bowl very soon.

Louise & Milton are also very proud of the ceramics she creates for Skye.
Let’s face it, how many restaurants create not only the culinary but also craft the vessels upon which they are served?!

The world – and particularly Regina #YQR – is lucky indeed to have Milton & Louise grace us with their culinary expertise, creativity, artistry and friendship.
Like they say:
At Skye, There is no Limit!

Gold Medal Plates winners Milton Rebello and his wife Louise Lu are cultural treasures in the city of Regina, SK.
Both are accomplished chefs, the recipients of every single culinary distinction known to this city.

Their latest offering was the Japanese Inspired Menu with compatriots Chef Li and Emiko which an appreciative crowd enjoyed at an exclusive event on Friday, Nov. 14.19.

The menu:

Seared Scallop, wasabi sweet pea purée, braised pork belly, caviar.
The scallop was just so delicate.
Subtle addition of caviar was a stroke of genius.
Sweet pea purée added a nice touch of color & flavor.
Pork belly was done to perfection.

Ahi Tuna, pickle cheeks, shiso, seaweed salad.
This dish defies description. It’s just too delicious to put into words.
To the credit of the chefs, they allowed the Ahi Tuna to shine in all its natural glory.
Shiso is a member of the mint family and it added just the right hint of spiciness.
The Seaweed Salad – exquisite with a touch of sesame. Just a beautiful dish.

Bison tataki.
Such a simple title for such a complex dish. Bison Tataki is the highlight of the night. Fresh, tender bison, wrapped around shoots & mushroom, on a bed of sprouts with a sprinkling of seasoning – it’s a testament to the culinary innovation always found at Skye Cafe & Bistro.
The combination of flavours is just another addition to the culinary excellence which has existed throughout the dinner.

Matcha ice-cream, mochi, black sugar syrup, soybean powder.
Well, this was an interesting palate-cleanser! The ice-cream is green-tea base, which is extremely popular in Japan.
Mochi is a Japanese rice cake made of mochigome, a short-grain japonica glutinous rice. The end result is a chewy delight!
A taste new to me was the addition of soybean powder… it’s delightful!
Soybeans are toasted and ground into powder. There is the suggestion the taste can be compared to that of peanut butter … no doubt, it has nutty overtones and is a treat unto itself.
Served on a bed of thinly sliced strawberries, with black sugar syrup, it was palate-cleansing perfection!

Miso glazed salmon steak, edamame bean rice.
The miso glazed salmon was a highlight of the dinner. Why can’t I ever get salmon to be this tender when I make it at home?
Whatever the reason, it’s a credit to the chefs who managed to bring so much flavour to a plate with minimal intrusion from the use of sauce and/or seasonings.
Which brings me to a point. There’s no condiments on the table. No soy sauce. No salt or pepper … nothing. But that’s just the point. There was no reason to have any extra seasonings. Everything on the menu has been perfectly seasoned.

Matcha madeleine, passion fruit curd, lychee mousse, matcha almond crumble.
Soft, fluffy Matcha madeleine, when consumed with the passion fruit curd & the lychee mousse, is a light – yet totally satisfying – dessert.
Top it off with the Matcha almond crumble for a little bit of crunch and you’ve got a magnificent dessert that appeals to all the sensory capacities.


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