When it comes to Thanksgiving Dinner, choosing the wine is actually pretty easy.
I let my guests enjoy 2 wines, a Riesling and a Pinot Noir. Both are very pleasant on the palate and pair well with a variety of foods.
One of the things you want to keep in mind with any food pairing is “sauce”.
You want to pair the wine with whatever sauce is on the table.
There’s usually at least 3 sauces on any Thanksgiving table … gravy, cheese sauce and a sweet & tart Cranberry sauce.

This year, I’m going with a Lingenfelder Riesling. It’s light, refreshing and has the right amount of acidity to take on some of the fatty components of the gravy drizzled over the mashed potatoes, turkey & stuffing … as well as the cheese sauce often used for Brussels Sprouts.
For the red … I picked up a nice Pinot Noir for its wonderful aromas & flavours of bright red berries … like cranberry.
Pinot Noir is light in tannin, good in acidity and generally a soft enough wine that’s sure to harmonize with the variety of food choices on your Thanksgiving table.

But my focus this year is on the dessert.
I visited a wonderful bakery in the Cathedral District of #YQR.
Sinfully Sweet Cathedral Bakery #YQR
Sinfully Sweet caters to the Cupcake-Crowd … but they also make a fantastic Pumpkin Pie
pumpkin-pie-sinfully-sweetThe pie is rich with aroma & flavour … delectable spices and a melt in your mouth consistency.
Another choice for dessert is Pumpkin Spice Cake.
Sinfully Sweet makes a decadent cake that’s a flavour explosion, enveloped in a delicious cream-cheese icing.
For the dessert pairing … I trusted my friends from Rebellion Brewing to help me decide on just the right beer … which is a great choice for pairing with pumpkin pie!
Rebellion Brewing #YQR
Rebellion samples a variety of their craft beer in clever fashion, on a solid board, with the names clearly visible.
rebellion-beer-samples-thanksgiving The Rebellion Stout was definitely a solid consideration … but ultimately I went with their Lentil Beer for its light flavour & palate cleansing freshness.

We had a great time during the CTVReginaMorningLive feature on Thanksgiving Dinner pairings and what to look for in terms of flavour, length, balance, complexity & harmony.
Happy Thanksgiving!