Frank Llaneza 1961
Pre-Light Wrapper Aromas:
At 1st the wrapper smelled like an earthy cigar, but I kept nosing it before lighting because there were other things going on from its wrapper aroma.
I realized the Frank Llaneza 1961 Cigar wrapper actually leads with just a quick hit of citrus before the earthiness shows through.

The wrapper continues to surprise with a whiff of cocoa and a bit of mint.
This is a cigar where you could spend several minutes just smelling the wrapper because it’s really unique in aroma.

Raw Draw … I loved how the raw draw matched the scent from the wrapper.
Got all the above mentioned aroma descriptors on the back palate & up through the retro.

The wrapper itself is smooth with very light veins.
I was intrigued by the look of this cigar, so I started my research on Frank Llaneza.

Frank Llaneza has a fascinating story and Herculean contribution to the Cigar world.
Frank Llaneza

Start time: 6:15am
Easy ignition and a lot of cocoa flavor on the lips upon lighting the 1961.
Initial flavor … it’s a big-boy cigar. This is full-body, full flavor. But I keep getting this cool mint reaction from it on my palate … but not in the aroma as when smelling the wrapper.
What kind of mint? Peppermint, rather than the more common spearmint.

It’s got a lot going on … an earthy & a toasty cigar, with a bit of malt rising to the flavor profile.
I’d smoke this cigar with Stout if I were a beer drinker.
There’s quite a bit of undergrowth like you’d smell in a forest.

I’m drinking a Cappuccino with the Frank Llaneza 1961 and it’s a good pair, so if you like full-flavour 1st thing in the morning, this is the cigar for you.

The burn is even at the beginning … but make sure you are puffing every 15-30 seconds because the draw does get a little difficult.

Yup, just as suspected, the cigar extinguished before the end of the 1st third.

On the re-light, the mint I was enjoying so much evaporated at first, but came back nicely as the burn leveled out.
The room-aroma from the Frank Llaneza has become more pronounced with its cocoa profile.

Plus, that mint scent is staying consistent.
Got a bit of ash-influence flavor on the back palate

I had to re-light before the ½ and noticed the cigar was a little soft just under the band, so while I thought that the cigar might have been packed quite densely, it seemed to loosen up past the 1st half.

Burn is uneven through and past the 1st half.

I cut the cigar past the 1st half  due to the uneven burn.
A creaminess is showing through now and I like that it’s not burning hot even with a re-light so late in the smoking experience.

After that cut, I’m actually enjoying the Frank Llaneza 1961 more, as the draw is easier.
Getting mouth-filling smoke and there’s some great toasty flavors of showing through.

End time: 8:30am
This cigar takes almost 2hrs to enjoy due to the burn issues. Maybe it was just this particular cigar, so I would expect one could otherwise smoke it in 60minutes.
Over-all, if you prefer a full-body, full flavor #Cigar, the Frank Llaneza 1961 delivers a lot of what you’re looking for.
Be prepared to coax it a bit, but it’s definitely worth the time.