Smoker Friendly has been hosting its annual retailer conference for 23 years.
During that time they’ve been an invaluable advocate for the distinction of Premium Cigars.
On Friday August 23.19 the conference welcomed several speakers addressing the interests & needs of Brick & Mortar Cigar shops & Cigar Enthusiasts.

Greg Vickers PCA
Guest speaker Greg Vickers of the Premium Cigar Association provided insight to the changing landscape of the political and regulatory aspect of premium cigars.
PCA is a retailer based organization moving forward with cutting edge programs for its members – including education, affinity programs and directives for a self-regulating industry.
Cigaret Shopper

A highlight of the morning conference was the presentation of Dealer of the Year, which was awarded to Cigaret Shopper of Maine and accepted by Chris Bueller.


Image 2019-08-23 at 2.10 PM
Charles “Mac” Haddow gave an outstanding presentation regarding the American Kratom Association and the success that organization has had defining regulatory practices and the impact of reporting systems within the FDA, which “needs to stay in its regulatory lane”.

Schaevitz_Barry_Main-default-headshot-photo-19862The morning concluded with Barry Schaevitz of Fox Rothschild who emphasized research proves there is no difference in mortality rates for cigar smokers compared to non-smokers.

One of the questions that came up is the definition of “premium cigars”.
As it currently stands, there are many definitions of premium cigars. What we all agree on is cigars are a 100% natural product.

In terms of who is smoking cigars, research indicated that youth usage of premium cigars is so low it can’t be calculated – it can’t be measured.
The median age for cigar smokers is in the 30-50 year old demographic.

The major take-away from the Friday conference is the vital need for cigar enthusiasts to provide support for their local tobacconists, as well as the organizations & lobby groups advocating the protection of Premium Cigars from governmental over-reach.

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