Skye Cafe and Bistro. Japanese Inspired Menu with Chef Li and Emiko

Gold Medal Plates winners Milton Rebello and his wife Louise Lu are cultural treasures in the city of Regina, SK.
Both are accomplished chefs, the recipients of every single culinary distinction known to this city.

Their latest offering was the Japanese Inspired Menu with compatriots Chef Li and Emiko which an appreciative crowd enjoyed at an exclusive event on Friday, Nov. 14.19.

The menu:

Seared Scallop, wasabi sweet pea purée, braised pork belly, caviar.
The scallop was just so delicate.
Subtle addition of caviar was a stroke of genius.
Sweet pea purée added a nice touch of color & flavor.
Pork belly was done to perfection.

Ahi Tuna, pickle cheeks, shiso, seaweed salad.
This dish defies description. It’s just too delicious to put into words.
To the credit of the chefs, they allowed the Ahi Tuna to shine in all its natural glory.
Shiso is a member of the mint family and it added just the right hint of spiciness.
The Seaweed Salad – exquisite with a touch of sesame. Just a beautiful dish.

Bison tataki.
Such a simple title for such a complex dish. Bison Tataki is the highlight of the night. Fresh, tender bison, wrapped around shoots & mushroom, on a bed of sprouts with a sprinkling of seasoning – it’s a testament to the culinary innovation always found at Skye Cafe & Bistro.
The combination of flavours is just another addition to the culinary excellence which has existed throughout the dinner.

Matcha ice-cream, mochi, black sugar syrup, soybean powder.
Well, this was an interesting palate-cleanser! The ice-cream is green-tea base, which is extremely popular in Japan.
Mochi is a Japanese rice cake made of mochigome, a short-grain japonica glutinous rice. The end result is a chewy delight!
A taste new to me was the addition of soybean powder… it’s delightful!
Soybeans are toasted and ground into powder. There is the suggestion the taste can be compared to that of peanut butter … no doubt, it has nutty overtones and is a treat unto itself.
Served on a bed of thinly sliced strawberries, with black sugar syrup, it was palate-cleansing perfection!

Miso glazed salmon steak, edamame bean rice.
The miso glazed salmon was a highlight of the dinner. Why can’t I ever get salmon to be this tender when I make it at home?
Whatever the reason, it’s a credit to the chefs who managed to bring so much flavour to a plate with minimal intrusion from the use of sauce and/or seasonings.
Which brings me to a point. There’s no condiments on the table. No soy sauce. No salt or pepper … nothing. But that’s just the point. There was no reason to have any extra seasonings. Everything on the menu has been perfectly seasoned.

Matcha madeleine, passion fruit curd, lychee mousse, matcha almond crumble.
Soft, fluffy Matcha madeleine, when consumed with the passion fruit curd & the lychee mousse, is a light – yet totally satisfying – dessert.
Top it off with the Matcha almond crumble for a little bit of crunch and you’ve got a magnificent dessert that appeals to all the sensory capacities.


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Skye Cafe and Bistro

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