“How Dry I Am” Decanter. As seen on hit TV show: Frasier!

There’s a lot to love about Frasier, Kelsey Grammer’s long running TV series.
It’s no wonder it ran as many seasons as it did.
Excellent writing, direction & stellar cast.

One of the episodes I loved the most was “The Innkeepers” from Season 2.

Photo courtesy of KACL 780 Archives

“In a fit of nostalgia, Frasier (Kelsey Grammer and Niles (David Hyde Pierce) purchase their favorite restaurant, a landmark establishment that has fallen on hard times. The brothers eagerly look forward to the opening of the newly christened “Les Frères Heureux,” which translates as “The Happy Brothers.”
But “happy” is not the word that immediately springs to mind on opening night — especially after Frasier and Niles have managed to either injure or scare off virtually the entire staff.”

As the episode plays out, we see Frasier & Niles lose the entire staff all in one night.
Trying to avert disaster (which we know will only create more disaster) the “Happy Brothers” call on friends & family to help in the kitchen and at the bar.

Family patriarch, Marty Crane, takes over as bartender.
During a conversation with Frasier, the shot pans to the back wall of the bar behind Marty.
You can imagine my delight when I see a vintage music box decanter on the back wall in the upper right hand corner.
The very same decanter that I added to my collection a couple of years ago.

191116 Scene from Frasier Music Box Decanter
Scene from Les Frères Heureux – Frasier Season 2 – The Innkeepers

Don’t get me wrong, the irony of having that kind of decanter on the bar of the kind of restaurant that Frasier & Niles Crane would own was beyond comical.

Whatever the set decorators motivation was, I’m really glad she or he did it because if ever I go to sell the decanter, I can describe it as “seen on Frasier” haha!

191117 How Dry I am DecanterBack-story on how I found the music-box decanter.
I scour 2nd hand stores, looking for unique items.
While in a local Value Village, I spot an amber colored glass decanter on a top shelf.
That’s right, Top Shelf!.
Out of curiosity, I pick it up and it immediately starts playing “How dry I am”, activated by a pin that gets the player started when the decanter is picked up.
It then shuts off by the same pin at the bottom of the decanter when the “bartender” puts the decanter back down.

Loving all forms of tacky collectibles, I start to laugh, thinking “This is great!”
The fellow standing next to me commented “That’s the arly he was envious of my getting to the 2nd hand riches first!
I got that decanter to the checkout as fast as I could and it’s been “top shelf” on my wine. & whisky wall ever since.

It’s a great piece of vintage barware and a real conversation piece!

KACL 780 Archives



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