Whiskey Barrel Beverage Dispenser

On my recent Whisky segment as seen on CTV Regina Morning Live, we showed a Wood Whiskey Barrel, designed to hold a bottle of your favourite whisky.

Almost immediately our phones lit up from people wondering where they could buy one of them!

I picked mine up at Bed, Bath & Beyond in Regina, SK #YQR.
This week the Whiskey Barrel is featured in their flyer.

The Wood Whiskey Barrel makes a cool addition to any bar.

Constructed of solid oak, it comes with an attachable spout and includes a funnel to pour a 26 oz bottle directly into the 27 fl oz. size barrel.

In this Instagram obsessed world, the Premium Spirits Dispenser will make a marvellous prop / backdrop for your Social Media posts.

The only thing that I found tricky was the positioning of the spout.
If you place it closest to the base as shown in the above photo, you’ll have to elevate it to get a glass to fit underneath it, otherwise the glass would have to be tilted to get under the spout.

I tried several of my favourite glasses to discover only the smallest of glasses actually fits under the spout.

A solution is to turn the barrel so the spout sits higher on the barrel …

Overall, this is a great novelty item for any whiskey enthusiast.


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