Holiday Surprise – CORA

Someone once said to me “eggs are eggs … but they can do things with chicken”.

To put it in context, I was booking a day trip by train to Quebec City from Montreal and the agent advised that I not book 1st class in the morning because, in his opinion, the value in terms of meal options just wasn’t there.
“Skip the cost of breakfast.
Spend your dining-out dollars on dinner” … was his advice.

Well, that might be true when traveling by train but from the moment you step into a CORA – Breakfast & Lunch restaurant, that theory simply doesn’t hold.

Besides a warm & appetite-appealing decor with a menu that has something for everyone, the food is not only delicious, in some cases, the dishes – like the Samira wake-up – are works of art!

If you’re after a breakfast that can hold it’s own as a lunch, the totally satisfying “Holiday Surprise” is CORA’s famous sweet & salty dish: “2 eggs, ham, bacon and potatoes served with a delicious crepe stuffed with a creamy cocoa-hazelnut and raspberry mix – decorated with ribbons of raspberry coulis finished with a dollop of whipped cream”

For $14.95, this is a great meal. The potatoes are crispy on the outside – fluffy on the inside. I ordered my eggs “over-medium” and they were done to perfection! Bacon was crispy & the ham was perect. Included is a choice of toast accompanied by a selection of peanut butter & fruit spreads.

CORA’s menu has breakfast standards they’ve made their own, like the “Eggs Ben et Dictine”.
There’s options for all ages and appetites.
You can also choose from a wonderful assortment of skillets, French Toast Pancakes and Waffle dishes.
Fruit plays a big role at CORA with many of the plates having huge amounts of citrus, berry & tropical fruit.

CORA is open for breakfast & lunch.
Service at the location which I was at was be a little slow if you’re wanting a refill on your water, but when the staff does take a break from their conversations about cars, it’s with a smile.

Make sure you grab a piece of CORA’s in-house made fudge, which is offered by the piece. It’s delicious … and really rich!

Make sure you sign up fo r the CORA Loyalty Card – totally worth it for the points, promotions and dishes to savour.

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