Davidoff Churchill crowned “Best Brand – Dominican Republic” Cigar Trophy 2016

val-bradshaw-black-white-valbradshaw-copy Davidoff Churchill Cigar. A review by Val.

Davidoff Cigars are produced in the Dominican Republic under the direction of mega-talented cigar blender Hendrik “Henke” Kelner.
He’s one of the Dominican Republic’s – indeed, the world’s – most knowledgeable men on all subjects of tobacco.
Some would say  Mr. Kelner is a genius when it comes to blending award-winning cigars.
In truth – he, and his family – have a dynamic, all-ecompassing work-ethic.


Henke’s vision, from what I’ve observed, is laser-focused.

In conversation with several members of the Kelner family, I’ve learned they take the study & advancement of every aspect of cigar making to its highest levels.

To be as good as the Kelner family is at making cigars, it’s taken a lifetime of continuous study regarding everything that impacts the end result of their craft.
Simply stated, there’s a lot that goes into the growing, blending & marketing of the coveted “Kelner” cigar.

When I’m smoking a Davidoff Cigar, it inspires me.
I’m always impressed with the quality of the leaf & the construction of the vitola and my curiosity takes over, leading me to wonder about the tangibles & intangibles of cigar making. I lose myself in the wonder of it all.
I’m curious about the geography of the land – the soils.
Are they loose or hard-packed soils?
What factors does the “right soil” have to possess?
What happens if there’s too much/too little rain during the growing season?
Does the soil have to hold water or is it better it has the capacity to drain quickly?

This leads me to think about climate. As everyone knows, climate can have considerable influence on the outcome of tobacco vintages. That’s right – vintages.
Tobacco is an agricultural product, meaning every growing season … every different year … has the potential to affect the outcome of the physiology – and ultimately, flavours – of the tobacco leaf.
This is where “cigar blending” is similar to fine wines like those from the regions of Champagne or Bordeaux … where it’s all about the blend.

Cigar production moves at a steady pace from the field to the factory, where the producer continues to monitor things like temperature and fermentation.
After arduous, back-breaking work … the different blends & vitolas, are shipped to market … for us to sit back & enjoy the multitude of marvellous tastes & aromas.

So, Davidoff of Geneva, Mr. Kelner, and everyone involved in the process of making the Churchill Brand … thank you for your commitment to Cigars!
Davidoff of Geneva.



“There is only one Winston Churchill.  There is only one cigar to bear his name.
Davidoff brings you an exceptional new Winston Churchill cigar a blend as complex as the man himself.
A range of the finest cigars inspired by the iconic aficionado, each celebrating a different aspect of his richly complex character.
Our Master Blenders have embraced and accomplished the challenge to craft and blend a range of exceptional cigars as uniquely diverse in character as the person who inspired them.

The Davidoff website is a wealth of information that’s easy to navigate.
You’ll find listings of each of the Churchill Cigar lines, along with scores, tasting notes, strength, provenance and enjoyment time.

I love how Davidoff brought a real human side to the Churchill Cigar line, honoring the man himself by naming each vitola after his cultural & leadership talents.

Limited Edition 2016 – Gran Toro

The flavours and aromas are familiar with the existing WSC cigars, such as pepper, roasted notes, oakwood and leather, but the 56 ring gauge and the Piloto Visus are delivering more intensity and are contributing to a great taste evolution until the last puff

 The Aristocrat – Churchill.
Notes of chili pepper, followed by pronounced leather and roasted flavors.

 The Statesman – Robusto
Leather and dark coffee flavours

The Artist – Petit Corona
Roasted, peppery, oakwood notes

The Commander – Toro.
Spicy, leathery, woody notes followed by creamy sweet influences.

 The Raconteur – Petit Panetela.
Earthy and spicy balanced off with floral notes.

 The Traveler – Belicoso.
Leather and roasted almonds followed by a creamy aftertaste.

You can find the complete line-up by following this link:
Davidoff Churchill

Each cigar carries a famous Churchillian quote. Inspirational, enlightening, witty. As you unwrap and savour the great cigar and the accompanying ‘bon mots’, the conversation will be stimulated in a way that Sir Winston would well appreciate.”


Cigar Trophy 2016.             Cigar Journal

Other nominees for “Best Brand – Dominican Republic 2016” were:
Quesada 40th Anniversary. La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero.
La Aurora 107. Gurkha 125th Anniversary.


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