1976 Glenfarclas 40 year old Scotch featured in Guy Ritchie’s “The Gentlemen”

One of the most popular movies of the season is “The Gentlemen” directed by Guy Ritchie. One of the most frequently asked questions from that movie is:
What is the Scotch they’re drinking?”

They’re drinking the Glenfarclas “Grant Edition” 1976 40 year old/ 43.7% abv.
A coveted & rare release, with only 1500 bottles made available.

It’s the 6th in a series, profiling 6 generations of  members from the Grant family, responsible for some of the finest Highland Scotch you’ll ever taste: Glenfarclas.

In my opinion, the Scotch qualifies for star billing as much as the fantastic performances by the stars.

This particular bottling was in honour of the 40th Birthday – in 2016 – for
George S Grant, Sales Director/ Glenfarclas.
George S. Grant 6th Generation Glenfarclas

The packaging of the series is sensational, with each of the 6 Grant Editions of Glenfarclas highlighting either age or finish & a nameplate to honour its namesake:
I. John Grant (1805-1889) 1966 Fino Casks
II. George Grant (1830-1890) 1956 Sherry Casks
III. George Grant (1874-1949) 50 Years Old
IV. George S. Grant (1923-2002) 1981 Port Cask
V.  John L.S. Grant – Chairman: 1986 Refill Sherry Butts
VI. George S. Grant – Sales Director: 1976 40 years old Scotch

20200421 Glenfarclas 6 Grant editions
Glenfarclas. The Grant Editions

In my conversation with George S. Grant – the whisky’s namesake –  he mentioned that he and the movie’s director, Guy Ritchie, share mutual friends & interests.
Mr. Ritchie loves the Glenfarclas Grant Edition 1976 40 years old Scotch.
That’s how it wound up in the film & facilitated a pivotal role in the character development between Ray – played with right proper bravado by Charlie Hunnam –
and Fletcher – brilliantly acted by Hugh Grant. 

20200421 I knew you couldn't resist Glenfarclas 40 yo
Script Line Sub-title from “The Gentlemen”




Scene from the movie “The Gentlemen”

#TheGentlemen … a must-see movie!
Glenfarclas 1976 Grant Edition 40 years old Scotch – a celebratory whisky!



The Gentlemen movie image


The Gentlemen

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