“Is that a HENK?” he asked.

Imagine being at a huge trade show, chatting with a customer who suddenly stops talking because he’s spied a luxury backpack … “Is that a HENK?” he asked.
To set the scene – the HENK ipack wasn’t in a showcase, it doesn’t have a gazillion logos splattered all over it.
The ipack was 30 feet away, tucked safely under a table, with a whole bunch of other things blocking the view!

That speaks to the eye-catching features that HENK produces in each of its luxury leather products!

2019 Henk backpack under table close-up WP
Can you spot the HENK ipack?!

I first learned of HENK while researching material for Smooth Draws Cigar Radio. It was 2017 and at the time, HENK wasn’t that well known in North America, but I definitely wanted to find out more!

It was fascinating to learn HENK made bullet-proof briefcases and the company president is a cigar aficionado.

Val & Heiko IPCPR17

During the largest cigar trade-show in North America, I met with Heiko Poerz who dazzled us with the history of HENK and the marvellous products they make – Travel Goods, Travel Accessories, Cigars & Fine Spirits … maximum luxury!

HENK Maximum Luxury iPac backpack open
Photo Courtesy of HENK


The interior has been designed to allow a maximum of load you really need for your daily trip, for example, plenty of accessories, a 15“ laptop or a big tablet. Also Flight tickets, passports and business cards are easily accessible from the front. Your laptop/tablet is stored securely at the upholstered back compartment. The main compartment in the middle is big enough to put in a big file folder or some extra clothes for an overnight stay.

Photo Courtesy of HENK

The front compartment is a real organizer. You‘ve got space for your glasses, flight tickets, passport, business or credit cards. Also all necessary power cables, chargers, adapters or a powerbank find their place there. For the cables and chargers you have an extra pouch that is retractable and is located right at the top for easy access. Even when you have your iPack® in the overhead bin. Just open the compartment and you have access to all what you need without taking the iPack® out. And perhaps, the zipplock inner front pocket has a RFID protection so your cards are safe – courtesy of HENK website.

HENK ipack ope
Photo Courtesy of HENK

If you love premium cigars, the HENK Carbon attache is perfect for you!

HENK Carbon Attache
Photo Courtesy of HENK



Excellence is achieved  when every detail is perfected. That’s why we do not just make products … we go further! And, we take into account your personal wishes, down to the smallest detail.

The unique HENK story was inspired by the desire to succeed where others had made compromises in the world of luxury travel goods. Dissatisfied by the briefcases and hand luggages he used on his frequent trips around the world, a Dutch businessman – named Henk – decided to create something better … much better!

He assembled a team of the world’s most experienced designers and engineers to develop the ultimate hand luggage. The team was instructed to spare no expense and make no compromise. The aim was to fulfill the demanding needs and desires of business people and international travelers who required ultimate style, luxury, convenience and efficiency.

Henk and his team spent ten years doing research and development to meet these objectives. His design brief called for an extremely strong, yet exceptionally light case. A case, which would not only be functional and very comfortable to use, but also a real eye-catcher. Henk refused to rest before having found the ultimate balance between these essential – yet often contradictory – demands.


We don’t believe in off-the-shelf solutions. Tell us how you want your HENK and we’ll make it just for you. Each of our products is made by hand through our master craftsmen. An infinite range of options is available to make your HENK unique. We will create your custom product according to your own demanding standards and fulfill your design wishes. – courtesy of HENK website

… for more information, visit the HENK website:

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